Daily Starve… (Monsanto Edition!!)


The Daily Starve..

The Daily Starve is the one and only paparazzi of the global food industry… Covering a wide variety of sensational topics such as genetic modification, the political ties of Monsanto, and even the propaganda propagation by Codex Alimentarius… Find out the real truth about the FDA’s plans to merge with Monsanto!!

The Daily Starve gets the inside scoop on the Phood and Pharming industries, as well!

Our horoscopes predict some very grim futures for the food supply, but can Bill Gates save our planet with his massive investments in biotech? The Daily Starve says NO WAY!!

Don’t GMO-Green!!

Don’t eat corn…

Don’t even LOOK at corn!

Don’t let your kids be corny…

And above all, tell your grandmother to read The Daily Starve

Extra-Bonus-GMO-Sticker-Pack!! (On page 32.)

NEXT MONTH: Do the aliens want our GMO foods? Shocking cattle mutilations discovered with GMO corn MISSING from their stomachs!!


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