Prop. 37 actually won…


Weeks after the California election, and the vote count for Proposition 37 grows narrower every day… Last I saw, it’s down to a difference of 4,000 votes… And counting… I am declaring this a victory for the food rebellion…

Remember back in 2000, when a certain presidential election was such a close call that it went as a case before the U.S. Supreme Court? How narrow was THAT election, and this one is exponentially more controversial, as well as a very close decision…


Actually Won...

So it’s a victory, simple as that… The USA wins, because now its people will never rest until GMO foods are labeled, then eradicated… The Prop. 37 campaign wins, because we shook the tree so hard this time, the multi-nationals sank to throwing their shit like monkeys!

Did Monsanto steal this election? Did we win anyway, despite their costly attempts to sabotage it? These are good questions to pay attention to, in the following week or two…

Why don’t you call the FDA and express your shock at their complicity? Why not email the airforce and ask them not to chemtrail during the Christmas season? Why not run amok through gmocery stores with a price-gun that spits out GMO stickers?

So while the dust settles around the most important issue to ever cross the ballots, think about ways you can affect your own circles… Tell your grandma… Demand organic soymilk with your coffee… Expose re-branding and media cover-ups…

And above all, close your damn mouth when GMOs are nearby!


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