This video is a perfect tool for raising awareness… Solid information, edgy style and catchy music, along with graphics that engage and challenge…

Watch it a few times! It’s hypnotic, and powerful… Share it with your friends and family! Share it with Michael Taylor and the FDA!! Share it with Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court…

To share is human, to comment is divine…

Sista M has done a remarkable job, and I just want to give props for putting this out in the world… As creative people, we sometimes find the struggle to survive adds to the authentic vision of the art, hence terms like ‘starving artist’… It is so refreshing when artists are putting their life’s work out there with little or no compensation… I can’t recall the last time I made money from my creations, except the books I have published…

Let’s remember, this holiday season, to tell the grocery store manager you are boycotting their GMO feast-o-plenty cornucopia… Send that message right on up the food chain, it’ll fly faster than lightning…

If you are a senior citizen female, your superpowers are tenfold, to complain to grocery managers… Tell them you want a label, and watch them sweat!


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