Neither Simple Nor Straight?


Monsanto recently held its 2012 Annual Investors meeting, where the first words you read, and I quote:

“The path to a more sustainable future is neither simple nor straight…”

This seems outrageous, coming from the company that created so many genocidal agents, which monopolizes the seed-supply by buying up its competitors, and who sends Blackwater’s private security forces onto American soil to police farmers who are the victim of cross-pollination…

Shame on you, Monsanto! The path to a more sustainable future is VERY simple and EXTREMELY straight! The path to any future at all involves REMOVING you! Banning, imprisoning, eradicating, undoing, exiling, and eventually forgetting you ever existed…

Simple Nor Straight...

I haven’t yet had a chance to read the report that this quote comes from, as I can only handle small doses of Monsanto’s lies and greed… But here is a link for you, so you can get a feeling of how blatant these corporate terrorists are:

Monsanto 2012 Annual Report

Do the right thing! Send a letter, burn a field, hassle a grocery store manager… All actions may help preserve the food supply for another day, which gives us time to wake the sheeping masses and prepare for the worst…


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