Pirates Of The Soya Bean…


It’s a challenge to constantly be repeating myself, almost beating a modified horse… This time the redundancy lies in how toxic and evil SOY has become… It’s not simply RoundUp Ready, which will strip all the nutrients away and destroy the agricultural land it was grown on… But these new varieties of soy being grown have the insecticide BT in it, which is known in smarter countries to cause an animal’s stomach to explode if it eats the plant…

Now, on top of all the other untested insanity, DOW wants to push a new Soy that will resist the chemical 2-4,D which, some may not know, is half of the formula for Agent Orange… Can’t figure what the incentive here is, unless it’s the petty and obvious one: MONEY…


It’s tragic, that I have to be one of ‘THOSE GUYS‘ if I go out for coffee, for example… Whole Foods Market does not even use organic soy at their espresso bar! Yes, you can get hemp milk or almond, probably even raw human breast milk, but whenever I ask if their soy is organic, they look at me like I just checked out of an asylum… Well, sorry you big corporations are the last to get it: WE DON’T WANT YOUR PHOOD! SEND IT BACK OR YOU WILL GO OUT OF BUSINESS!

And lastly, vote the Pirates OUT of politics… Sue them out of politics! Imprison them, whatever it takes! We cannot let another single ‘Treasure Chest’ to be buried into their ground…

Oh yeah, and in the meantime, communicate to all those awesome Asian restaurants etc. that their tofu is no longer attractive… So many products! The vegans and vegetarians may suffer from this the hardest… Yet, all of us will be stronger for learning to resist…

‘Pirates Of The Soya Bean’ is playing in your neighborhood RIGHT NOW!!


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