Dow AgroSciences is one of the major players in global food poisoning… They spent millions fighting Prop. 37 in California, all to keep their toxic phood from being clearly labeled… It is outrageous, that they can patent it and sue farmers for copyright infringement, but they want it hidden from consumer awareness! You know why, I am certain… Money…

If we only had some Jedi Knights left in the universe… Yoda comes instead of Jesus, and saves the food supply from becoming the genetic 666 that would mark everyone who’s eaten Sith food… With one swift swing of his light-saber, he cuts the T off of TREASON and we are left with REASON…


Seriously though, Dow AgroScience has their dirty fingers in a lot of nasty activities… It’s not just vegetables they are modifying, it’s fruits, and livestock, and pests, and eventually humans… Do you want to someday HAVE to take a pill that makes you resistant to Round-Up sprayed on you? Or something very similar to that? Let’s take these greedy liars down before we all die of poisoned famines!


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