From The Creator’s Perspective…


Hey, CMOR here… I just wanted to take a moment and share my thoughts…

Today someone commented on one of the pieces of art I produced for the Artists Against Monsanto fb page… This person said the art wasn’t punny enough, and could we please post something other than that? I immediately replied Nope, we love what we do and how we do it… Or something to that extent…

It’s a common thing I experience, when someone flippantly offers a non-constructive criticism of my art… Often they haven’t taken the time or effort to get to know me and how I roll as a creatively expressive individual… They don’t appear to notice that while I do make some funny art, as well as punny art, that’s not my goal at all… If that’s what you get from here, you missed the point… The point is that our planet is SERIOUSLY headed for disaster, possibly irreversible… That last part remains to be seen…


Some folks see a piece of art and suggest their own better words to accompany it… That is fine with me, and I often reply to these people that they should make some art of their own… That way, they can not only create what they want how they want it, they can also learn the feeling of being criticized right after sharing something they made from their heart and soul…

I love making art, and it’s not going to stop… And I love how it helps the food revolution, if just in small ways… Yes, I like to keep myself laughing, but this image I share today sums up my bottom line… If you want to complain, make some art… If you are scared of GMO horrors, make some art… If your loved ones don’t understand why this is so important to you, make some art!!


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  1. People are often jealous of artists.

    Also, there are infiltrators from big business who pose as bloggers to try and defeat the message and the artist.

    Keep up the good work!
    The planet is in the emergency room of the hospital and it’s most likely terminal…

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