The Phantom Zone…


Whenever I think of the crisis on planet earth regarding our genetically tainted food supply, I have to brainstorm for solutions… I see how once we all realize GMO’s are no good for us, we’ll have to all figure out how to dispose of them… We wouldn’t want to just till up the bad genes right into the soil, as this could have longer lasting ramifications within nature’s delicate balance… Burning seems ludicrous due to the airbourne nightmares it would create, although I admit it is an appealing idea, if you need drama and climax…

What do we do with the tainted people? The Clarence Thomases, the Michael Taylors, the Bill Gates type of folks? Here’s a proposal: We create a Phantom Zone like in Superman… Krypton knew how to deal with its own genocidal maniacs, and we could take a lesson from them… Here’s how I think it would look!


Deep down, though, I do feel that no one is damned, no matter what atrocities they commit… I know that may be radical thinking, but when I picture a better world, I have to include room for those ‘evil’ folks to evolve and grow too… Only when we are ALL on board with healing this planet can we begin to build a new today… Until then, send the schmucks to the Phantom Zone!!


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