Mouths Against Monsanto…



If you have ever asked the question, “What can I do?” in the face of huge global crises such as a poisoned food supply, you are not alone… It’s part of the process, and a necessary one as well, if we are to ever turn this planetary ship around… If we decide the problem is too big, or that we are too small, then we have conceded the battle before we ever get to the field… Sun Tzu was GMO-Free, and he told me we should just close our mouths…


That is my primary weapon in my defense against the dark food arts, to close my mouth… Go Gandalf on those GMO’s and yell out, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!”

It’s even more important to close our mouths than opening them to tell another person about the bad news of GMO’s in our food… Way more important, enough to have a symbol like this Russian artist who sewed his mouth shut… True, I have taken artistic liberties, and given him a new cause for his expression… Gandhi would be a good spokesman for this worldwide hunger strike, eh?

This is something that EVERYONE can do… Okay, maybe someone in a coma on an IV drip might not have an option to avoid the GMO syrup, but just about everyone else does… And there is a constant need for vigilance here, because new horrors are being slipped in all the time, without our knowledge or consent… Stay aware, update daily! You don’t have to actually sew your mouth shut, but it might help to keep that image in your head a bit… Here it is up close and personal!



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