GMO Brother!


I made this yesterday while flying across the ocean… It’s something I have wanted to create for weeks now, but it came together yesterday! The difficulty before was in selecting the right (or wrong, in this case!) people to appear in the art…

Yesterday it became clear that yes, there ARE 3 ringleader types, as far as pro-GMO spokesman-type folks who would be easy enough to recognize… Those individuals are: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who used to work for Monsanto; FDA Food Czar Michael Taylor; and the TV turncoat Dr. Oz… Here’s the image!


Yeah, yeah, I know the font is different! This original text was nearly impossible to match, even after downloading over a hundred new ones to try and get it right… And I have learned that unless it is so similar you can’t tell, better to make them very different… Anyway, this one may undergo a revamp, although it’s keeping me laughing, for now!


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