The 50 Year-Old Surgeon…


Finally, the story of one man’s life, and how he went from organic to poisonously rotten…

Starring Dr. Oz, the real life traitor to the population of Planet Earth… Watch the shocking truth revealed in cinematic brilliance, as Oz changes his tune about GMO foods… He thought the hippocratic oath was all about hypocrisy, and he has lived up to his oath extremely well!! He begs the question to be asked of him, “Which truth is your real truth, the one BEFORE, where you espoused healthy organic foods, packed with nutrients and poison-free? Or your CURRENT truth that contradicts all that healthy stuff you used to say? Are you practicing to be a politician?”

Lies and more lies! He actually DID answer that question on national television, and his response was that (yawn) there are simply too many people in the world, and that in order to feed them all we have to poison them [sic] with GMO food… This argument is so shoddy that a 3-year old could take it down… You know? If GMO’s actually COULD feed a starving, overpopulated planet earth, the global starvation should have been eliminated years ago… Instead, it’s on the rise, along with droughts from poor Big Agricultural practices… World hunger has become a commodity that can be traded on Wall St… And therein LIES the answer to Dr. Oz’s betrayal of the citizens of Earth… He’s getting rich off of your diseases and death, caused by the toxic food he recommends you put into your body…


So let’s ask Dr. Oz one last question, “Do you want GMO food in prison, while serving your life sentence?”


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