You Deserve A Revolution Today!



Things are gathering momentum at the farcebook page for Artists Against Monsanto!! No longer a few lonely creative souls, journeying inside an invisible bubble, it has become the community of artists and innovators that was envisioned on the day of its conception… Some make memes, some paint murals, others do street art, and still others are producing fine art on canvases that could be displayed in any gallery east of the west coast!

This is very good news, to us! We feel it is just getting started, as most of the artwork so far has been created solo, and we would like to see future collaboration, as well as public interaction… The page is developing its own following, which in turn just inspires more art to be produced… And that art has a conscious point: To save the food supply! Through creativity, humor, information, innovation, awareness, and maybe even demonstrations in the distant future…

We’re still figuring out basics though, like how to make the page functional for everyone, if possible… We believe that borrowing a corporate logo and making a satirical parody of it is absolutely okay, but we also feel that whoever put the creative effort to do that should get the credit for this… While creating the guidelines for sending us your art, this was the motivating reason for insisting it must be your production… We’ll take you at your word, now worries…

Here are the guidelines for sending us your Anti-GMO artwork:

1) Include the title of your work…

2) Send the highest quality images you possibly can… (i.e. Not a thumbnail-sized 95k file…)

3) Sign your art… (It must be something YOU created…)

4) Include the name you wish to have listed in the photo credit…

Send your anti-GMO art here:



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