DIY Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign!




Here’s what to do:
1) Download sticker image… (Right-click/Save As)
2) Re-Size and print as a sticker! (Or take to a printshop like Kinko’s)
3) Peel and stick label anywhere you see GMO food!


Here is a template you can print onto sticker sheets… The stickers are sized at 1.5″, and please note that this sheet is not designed to be pre-cut, meaning that they will likely have to be hand-cut… Please let us know if you figure out an even better way! We are learning as we go…

Label Yuk Template...


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  1. I really like your Mr. Yuk design! I found a website has all types and sizes of pre-cut labels, but the 1.5″ circles don’t match up with the sheet above (there are 5 circles across and 6 down). You can see it here: If you click on the “All Label Sizes” tab you can find other sizes. It would be really cool if you could make a template that would fit one of their pre-cut sheets.

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