Artists Against Monsanto began as one man’s desire for clean food, and a community of artists to help achieve that…

As the elections in 2012 came around, the momentum for Proposition 37 to actually pass appeared inevitable… Who wouldn’t want to know what’s in our food? Monsanto wouldn’t, along with several other biotech corporations… CMOR is an artist, activist, and traveler, who makes art in the form of internet memes, but had nowhere to show them to people to get the word out… The art just sat there getting dusty…

On October 24th he did a search for the term, ‘Artists Against Monsanto’ and was sort of shocked that such a thing did not exist… “Why not just start it, then?” he mused to himself, “Why not have a whole slew of artists who are passionate about banning GMO’s, all firing ideas back and forth, saving the food supply and having fun in the process? And so it began…

It’s a work in progress, for sure… In the short time this has been happening, a dozen or more artists have materialized to contribute their work, some even collaborating with each other… There is a sense of levity here, amid these dark times, and a growing feeling that we can win this thing… We welcome all anti-GMO artists, and their related work…

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