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Jason’s Deadly…



It all started when my mom told me that Jason’s Deli had come out and taken a stand against GMO ingredients, with declarations on their menu… I responded that it was great to see a fast-food restaurant chain who could boldly go where no corporation has gone before… When the time came to actually go to lunch there, I began to survey the menu with one eyebrow raised…

Everything on the menu contained some form of genetically modified ingredient! I was very disappointed, though I did see that their menu proclaimed some Gluten-Free options, and it said their food was, “Really Natural”… (what the hell does THAT mean?) But rather than walk out and ruin a lunch with mom, I asked the person taking my order if there was any NON-GMO options…

She looked at me with that look… I repeated the words, and then changed it to GENETICALLY MODIFIED, and she just pointed to the manager who was already on the way… I must say that the manager was an extremely nice person, to listen to me explain that I don’t want their toxic modified food in my body, under any circumstances… She assured me the beef and chicken they serve are, “Very healthy” and that they don’t use corn syrup… I explained to her that even one GMO-DNA from BT-soy could forever change my genetic structure… To her credit, she never lost her composure… The boss of this particular place of hospitality was desperately uninformed, though she promised to pass my message along up the chain of command…

I ordered the least offensive item on the menu, but won’t say what, because I can’t certify it as clean… Yet I also practice mindful eating, which means that if I sit down to dine with family, I am stress-free and chewing 50 times per bite! My mother mentioned my handling of the situation, and I thanked her that she raised me with some conscience , as well as cojones… We had a good discussion, and I didn’t want to rock her world, as Jason’s is one of her favorite places to go out and eat… In the course of the meal, I proposed a new piece of art, Jason’s Deadly… Her response was that I should visit the website on the napkin holder: http://jasonsdelifeedback.com

So I did… It was a very narrow-minded process that channeled me through a series of questions, and never asking me the one I wanted to answer: “Does your menu have GMO’s?” Nevertheless, at the end there was a box to leave my own words, so I gave it to them… Expressing the sentiment of a paying customer, I informed them of my disappointment that that hadn’t taken a stand against GMO’s, and my shock and disgust that they weren’t properly labeled as such… Then I notified them that until they changed their policy, I would never again be spending dollars in their restaurant… Finally, I offered the Artists Against Monsanto email for them to reply to, and OF COURSE THEY REPLIED THE VERY NEXT MORNING!!! Here is that reply:

Good afternoon,

Our purchasing and R&D teams are continuously looking for better quality and more sustainable foods for us to serve. We are also constantly questioning the ingredients we utilize from our suppliers and pushing them to be better.

 As a restaurant company with 240+ Jason’s Delis nationwide, we rely on some manufacturers to ensure consistency and availability across the country. As you mentioned – there are so many foods containing additives derived from soy and corn such as xanthan gum and ascorbic acid it can be difficult to determine those with and with out GMO’s in them.

With our large menu, we do not yet have ingredient statements for all our menu items – we are working on this project now and hope to have it finished in the next few months. If you have any specific menu items you were interested in, please let me know and I will look into them and see if they contain any GMO’s. I can tell you our Organic Wheat Wrap and our Antibiotic Free Chicken are GMO free along with our organic items on the Salad Bar.

I also want to assure you that we continue to be free of artificial trans fats, msg, high fructose corn syrup and artificial dyes & colors. All this is in our continued pursuit to serve the best quality foods we can.

Our guests’ questions continuously help us become better as a company! Thank you for your interest in us and our future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if I may be of further assistance. 


Kim Jones

Director of Testing & Research
Jason’s Deli

I replied:


Thanks for the response… If your chicken is GMO-Free then I want to see it labeled as such… Many factors play into whether they are safe for human consumption, such as what the animals are fed as well as their living conditions… Until Jason’s reverses its approach to GMO food and the labeling of such, it won’t be going into my mouth, or the mouths of those who I can convince to not put it in their bodies…

Artists Against Monsanto


(Also, I should mention that it’s not only THESE guys who are dealing in bad food, it is the entire industry… This art grew from my personal experience, though also you may notice both signatures! Thanks to Artie Xia for the added style and flavor…)


The 50 Year-Old Surgeon…


Finally, the story of one man’s life, and how he went from organic to poisonously rotten…

Starring Dr. Oz, the real life traitor to the population of Planet Earth… Watch the shocking truth revealed in cinematic brilliance, as Oz changes his tune about GMO foods… He thought the hippocratic oath was all about hypocrisy, and he has lived up to his oath extremely well!! He begs the question to be asked of him, “Which truth is your real truth, the one BEFORE, where you espoused healthy organic foods, packed with nutrients and poison-free? Or your CURRENT truth that contradicts all that healthy stuff you used to say? Are you practicing to be a politician?”

Lies and more lies! He actually DID answer that question on national television, and his response was that (yawn) there are simply too many people in the world, and that in order to feed them all we have to poison them [sic] with GMO food… This argument is so shoddy that a 3-year old could take it down… You know? If GMO’s actually COULD feed a starving, overpopulated planet earth, the global starvation should have been eliminated years ago… Instead, it’s on the rise, along with droughts from poor Big Agricultural practices… World hunger has become a commodity that can be traded on Wall St… And therein LIES the answer to Dr. Oz’s betrayal of the citizens of Earth… He’s getting rich off of your diseases and death, caused by the toxic food he recommends you put into your body…


So let’s ask Dr. Oz one last question, “Do you want GMO food in prison, while serving your life sentence?”

GMO Brother!


I made this yesterday while flying across the ocean… It’s something I have wanted to create for weeks now, but it came together yesterday! The difficulty before was in selecting the right (or wrong, in this case!) people to appear in the art…

Yesterday it became clear that yes, there ARE 3 ringleader types, as far as pro-GMO spokesman-type folks who would be easy enough to recognize… Those individuals are: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who used to work for Monsanto; FDA Food Czar Michael Taylor; and the TV turncoat Dr. Oz… Here’s the image!


Yeah, yeah, I know the font is different! This original text was nearly impossible to match, even after downloading over a hundred new ones to try and get it right… And I have learned that unless it is so similar you can’t tell, better to make them very different… Anyway, this one may undergo a revamp, although it’s keeping me laughing, for now!

Harper’s Bizzare!



Through networking with folks around the world, I keep learning new things all the time… Recently some Canadian citizens have asked me to put a bit of focus on the True North, so here are several attempts… I am learning a lot about Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to be public enemy #1, similar to how most folks in America despise Obama and his lies… A week ago, all I knew was that in Canada they call Rape ‘Canola’ and modify it! And that MOST of Pamela Anderson was from there…


I like to re-brand familiar images and icons, hopefully with a conscious point to them… But even humor is a poor-man’s-enlightenment…

I had a hunch that folks in the USA wouldn’t get this at all, we being so egocentric and plain old dumb… So I made a USA alternate… If Newsweek can change their cover for different countries, so can I, hee hee…


While I was at it, I made a blank one, in the hopes that all of you clever Canadians would download it and make your own memes! This is me handing the torch to the True North… Let’s roll!


Finally, I have one that didn’t work for the page that wanted a cover image, but I still like the way it turned out… Image

So let’s win the country back, eh? Canada can be a free nation again, but it will take you! Don’t eat Arctic Apples, or Harper’s bizarre bullshit…

Food Reich…


Welcome To The Food Reich…

Monsanto has taken over the world, buying up seed companies and patenting living organisms… In a way, they are like a new Nazi regime, with their apparent agenda of poisoning us all… Armed guards are posted at their farms, and not the mall-security type… No, they rent Blackwater private security forces, troops who have been through wars…


This image may get me in trouble… But I cannot care, when our very survival as a species hangs in the balance… Monsanto IS a regime, and we must take them down; politically, scientifically, economically, and punitively…

(Author’s tidbit: This image was the first I created on my new PhotoShop CS6!! I had created the same image yesterday, but the trial expired and I lost the image… This is exciting, to be using professional quality tools!)