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Harper’s Bizzare!



Through networking with folks around the world, I keep learning new things all the time… Recently some Canadian citizens have asked me to put a bit of focus on the True North, so here are several attempts… I am learning a lot about Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper appears to be public enemy #1, similar to how most folks in America despise Obama and his lies… A week ago, all I knew was that in Canada they call Rape ‘Canola’ and modify it! And that MOST of Pamela Anderson was from there…


I like to re-brand familiar images and icons, hopefully with a conscious point to them… But even humor is a poor-man’s-enlightenment…

I had a hunch that folks in the USA wouldn’t get this at all, we being so egocentric and plain old dumb… So I made a USA alternate… If Newsweek can change their cover for different countries, so can I, hee hee…


While I was at it, I made a blank one, in the hopes that all of you clever Canadians would download it and make your own memes! This is me handing the torch to the True North… Let’s roll!


Finally, I have one that didn’t work for the page that wanted a cover image, but I still like the way it turned out… Image

So let’s win the country back, eh? Canada can be a free nation again, but it will take you! Don’t eat Arctic Apples, or Harper’s bizarre bullshit…